Town of Duncan, SC elections

In November of 2015 voters in Duncan changed our elections from a ward election to a general election. This means that when an election is held the two candidates that receive the most votes are elected to council. All elections for office in Duncan are nonpartisan. This means there are no political parties such as Democrats or Republicans.

Elections are held every two years on odd number years. The Mayor and Council members serve four year terms. Two council members are up for election every two years.

The next election is scheduled to be held in 2019. The exact date will be added here later or can be obtained by contacting the Spartanburg County Election Commission. The contact information for the Spartanburg County Election Commission is:

Spartanburg County Voter Registration and Elections
Physical Address
366 N Church St
Lower Level, Suite 1630
Spartanburg, SC 29303

Phone: 864-596-2549
Fax: 864-596-2958

The filing fee to run for Mayor or Council is 250 dollars. Contact Spartanburg County Voter Registration and Elections for more information on this.